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We are ambassadors of the wines that we create here—representatives with an idea, a goal, and a concept. Moreover, we allow for variations and peculiarities when observing our product’s development, thus leaving the character of every site, parcel, vintage, and tank or barrel intact. This means we »accept« the given raw materials and avoid the slimming down of »big« vintages and the thickening of »small« ones. Hence, we adhere to natural wine principles.

Patience allows for the natural processes to develop in their own timing and is the most important maxim of our cellar philosophy. We renounce cultured yeasts, fining agents, de-acidification, and the use of must for sweetening. We also take our time for pre-fermentation maceration, encourage slow fermentation, and long ageing on the fine lees. Fortunately, we can always fall back on a reservoir of old, partly non-grafted vines, whose finest steep slate sites yield highly differentiated aromas. Our Rieslings are wines with depth, elegance, and a personality derived in great part from their naturally low yields.