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The transformation of grape juice into wine takes place in winter following harvest, and serves as the differentiation phase for all characteristics which will appear later in the wine. During this time, the most distinguishing impressions of taste and smell come to the forefront, leaving one simultaneously joyful, helpless, and anxious. It is during this time that one learns the most important aspect of winemaking: patience. This patience allows the natural processes their time to develop and is the most important maxim of our cellar philosophy. We forego cultured yeasts, fining agents, de-acidification, and the use of must for sweetening. We also leave ourselves time for pre-fermentation maceration, encourage slow fermentation, and long ageing on the fine lees. It is even more important that we leave room for specialized decisions as necessitated by every vintage,; every harvest day, parcel for parcel, cask for cask, in order to create a culture in which perception, experience, and intuition come before adherence to technical standard guidelines. In our classic terraced sites we employ no standard procedureó, neither in our wine-growing measures nor with our choice of grape varieties. Fortunately, we can always fall back on a reservoir of old, partly non-grafted vines, whose finest steep slate sites yield highly differentiated aromas. Our Rieslings are wines with depth, elegance, and personality derived in great part from their naturally low yields.